Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

Here I am, sat at my desk with a cup of tea and I’ve already eaten my lunch. It’s 9am.
I’ve got a half day of clinic ahead and all the catching up from just over week off, but my phone says “no new message”; did no one miss me?

Of course I’d much rather be at home, choo chooing around the living room floor and preventing the monster child terrorising the cat. I have my little reminders like a green snotty tissue in my pocket, the ambulance in my handbag that’s rammed full of licked mini cheddars.

Of course he knew I was going back to work today, nearly two year olds know these things. We had a lovely day. We went food shopping (troddler – trolley toddler – wrestling as I call it) you know, when you have a child that wants to stand on the seat. No you are not allowed to touch him, let alone discreetly grab the back of his jumper to prevent a fatal trolley faceplant. Every couple of minutes he changes his mind and wants to be let loose to bombard his way through the cute little elderly people buying single potato’s and carrots. Hell no monster child! Instead you end up picking up every non food item trying to make it exciting enough to entertain him down one Isle before frantically looking for the next distraction. No! Not the eggs!

We managed to spend twice my usual shopping budget, a few books, snacks munched on the way round and said ambulance mentioned above included.

Car journeys are a mixed bag. This monster waits till you are second in line at a big roundabout or the lights to go green before hollaring. Impeccably timed “ouch!” at a junction, finger stuck ambulance window. Panic!

Unpacking the shopping is a whole new ball game. Hide and seek with groceries is always fun.

We then went to a friends house for an afternoon play date and he he was impeccably behaved the whole time. Little shit.

Right, tea break over.


One thought on “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

  1. Shopping used to be a breeze with my lo. He’d happily snuggle against me in a front carrier or wrap, even through the worst of teething. The hardest thing was bending over with him on me. Then we started letting him ride in the trolleys earlier this year, which has gone down well so far. Until last week’s family trip to Costco, when halfway round he decided he wouldn’t sit in the trolley, he wanted to walk, but not in the direction we wanted to go; then he wanted picking up – but only by me, not by his dad, and only being carried in arms would do. Any attempt at a shoulder ride was met with kicking and shouting. And of course I didn’t bring the carrier on that trip, because it was just a quick visit and he loves riding in trolleys these days, right? That’s supposing I could have wrestled him into the carrier anyway: he seems to like back carries but not quite as enthusiastically as the old front carries. Which I can still do with a wrap, but visibility is severely impaired these days! Standing in the trolley worked for a bit. But then we needed somewhere to put the shopping! Ho hum 😀 !


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