The ‘It wasn’t me’ stage!

It seems passing the blame is something you learn early in this house hold. Even the cat has got it down to a tee!


Monster child has suddenly grasped the concept. I have some fabulous examples for you. Picture this: sat on my bed post bath, wrapped in a lovely soft froggy towel, he horrendous rumble of a fart (we don’t sugar coat these words in our house, no bottom burps, flumps, whoopsies etc. There isn’t a cute way to describe emitting gas from your anus!). Cue shocked face! Monster child then stands up and points to the bit of the bed he was sat on with his hand over his mouth. “Oh no, what was that? Was that your bottom?” “No!” He pointed in protest at the same spot.
Want another example? Out in the garden on his own, I’m spying from the warmth of the kitchen cuddling a hot cuppa. Monster child proceeds to undo the locks on the garden gate, “excuse me, they aren’t for you to play with” immediately spins round and growls “Toby!” – of course, blame the cat, totally believable that the cat unlocked the garden gate and stealthy snuck back in to get under my feet en route to telling you off.

As you can see, he’s learning – but still has a way to go to get to the believable stage.

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19 thoughts on “The ‘It wasn’t me’ stage!

  1. Haha, that’s great. Now funnily it’s Mr Button that wins the ‘it wasn’t me’ award in our house. I am keeping my fingers crossed the Little Button doesn’t catch on any time soon. A lovely lunchtime read #fartglitter

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  2. Haha that’s brilliant! My eldest hasn’t quite got there yet and is still painfully honest. I will hear a screech coming from the living room and rush in shouting what’s the matter?? She will just shrug, from her little brother to me and say “I kicked him in the head.” I mean what do you say to that?? Great post. #passthesauce x

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  3. You wait! I have three and they are forever trying to convince me ‘it wasn’t me’! The older two are far too good at it so consequently the younger one gets the blame most of the time!! It is usually him though!! xx #fartglitter

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  4. Oh dear! Mine is two and already telling the odd wee porky-pie, and he can’t even speak yet. The question that always prompts a lie in response is “have you done a poo?” We can smell it, see the poo face quite clearly, and the evidence is in the nappy for all to see, and yet he vehemently denies it! #KCACOLS

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  5. Haha! Mine go the other way and bizarrely blame things that were not their bottom on their bottom. Today it was someone digging up the road (or according to little one ‘no, it’s not – that’s my bottom!’

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

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