Big fat gold star to all the single working parents out there!

I guess I’ve always been a bit of an independent woman, not quite a feminist but I definitely fit in the ‘i’d rather hang that picture frame on the wall right now and wonky rather than wait 6 months to have it done straight and by the other half’ bracket. So the times when the other half packs his little suitcase and goes on some work related training, always meant i could relished in the me time that this opportunity created.

But wait! I have a nearly 2 years old monster to deal with now. Idealism of chilled out evenings; me sitting on the sofa, finally getting to sift through my programmes (Thomas the tank engine, balamory, Andy’s prehistoric adventures…oh!) on the sky planner, early nights, tidy house, healthy dinners etc. Did this happen in my 4 days and nights of my snipit into single working motherhood? Did it heck! Meanwhile the other half is living it up in his upgraded room in the Hilton.

I sat in bed every night looking somewhat confused thinking where the hell did my evenings go? Get back from work, put monster willingly (!!!!) to bed then all of a sudden, holy shit it’s 10pm!
What has the time thief done with my evening? Where am I supposed to cook my dinner? Prep for the next day? Exercise? Dare I say do housework? Stuff the TV it’s bed time for me too!
Mornings are no better, I wake up, get dressed in the living room whilst monster chomps a couple of biscuits, dry shampoo my hair on the way out the door. I’ve been one of these ladies sat in the car park at work desperately slapping on some foundation, attempting a mum bun to disguise the missed greasy patch of hair and sparingly placing badges to cover the area where the monster confused my top for a tissue.  I constantly feel like I’m chasing my tail, I know that i look like I am too.

Finally the other half comes back home, yes! Quickly I blurt “Hello, cook some tea I’m having a bath!” and lock myself in the bathroom to relish in actually being able to wash my hair. (I would have got a glass of wine, but I’m storing my wine reserve for tomorrow night!)

Just a little post to say:
Well done single working parents. You are all amazing, how you manage to find time for you amidst the mayhem is beyond me. You definitely deserve a gold star.


8 thoughts on “Big fat gold star to all the single working parents out there!

  1. I became a single mama when my youngest daughter was just 4 years old. My choice as I instigated the divorce in a very unhappy and unhealthy marriage.

    It was a shock to the system alongside my full time job with no real family support network as both my folks also work full time- single parenting is HARD.

    However, in time I began to relish our time alone (together – if that makes any sense!) and enjoy having a little family of just us three girls. Eventually, I went on to meet somebody else – Neil – get engaged and we formed a new kind of family unit.

    In an awful twist of fate, Neil then passed away very suddenly in 2014, aged just 30. I then found myself reluctantly single parenting again which took a long time to adjust to.

    I’m now in a relationship with a loving, understanding guy but am so proud of my girls for adapting to all of the ups and downs that family life has brought us. Much love x #stayclassy

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  2. YEP. Completely agree. I have no idea how single Moms do it. I’m currently on maternity leave and by the time the clock hits 5:30pm I’m forcefully handing over the baby to my boyfriend. Somewhat ironically, my Mom was a single working mother and she always seemed fine (…okay sometimes there were cry-a-thons and random bursts of anger about laundry). But I never realised how hard it really was for her until I became a Mom, so YES GOLD STAR FOR HER. : ) Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy.

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  3. Ooh thank you for my gold star. Haha! At the moment, I am living with my mother (fantastic life outcome for a 35 year old) and to be fair I am not sure what I would do without her now, as she looks after Piglet 3 days a week so he only has to go to nursery for 2 days, which saves a bit of money. Sometimes I feel like she’s his mum and I’m just a part timer though. #StayClassy

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  4. All that dry shampooing/ make up in the car is me, like every morning Mon-Fri – it’s so hectic and we are two parents with only one child! I think it’s important to say that for single parents it’s not just the lack of having another person to help do stuff. There is the emotional side too, there’s a lot more too it then just missing someone to do the washing. I don’t know if I could do it alone to be honest, props to them #stayclassy

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  5. I hear ya! My divorce came through today. The day after my son’s 2nd birthday. I work full time. My house is tidy but dirty. My paperwork hasn’t been filed for months. I don’t go out. I don’t really watch any tv. I eat dinner at 9pm. I’m tired. It’s tough at times, but I love it. I get all the cuddles and wear the skirt and trousers. And I can hog the duvet as much as I bloody well want to haha! Xx

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