I am the reason why I’m wobbly.

“Oh don’t worry you’ll snap back!”
“The weight will just drop off you!”

Yeah, nearly 2 years on I’m still waiting for the snapping back to occur. After filling my instagram feed with leith, bronzed, Victoria secret esque ladies (this seems to describe every Australian woman on instagram!), eating rainbow meals with ingredients I’ve never heard of. It even drove me to eat a doughnut, or 5, if there’s no evidence it didn’t happen right?! Talk about comfort eating! Anyway, they are all 20 years young and fitness coaches, completely desirable but completely impossible bodies. Just you wait till you gain 4 stone growing a baby hippo for 40 weeks of the year! It’s the moment your toddler wobbles your arms or slaps your belly and you can actually see the shock waves that it’s time to change!

Looking back there were a series of slip ups. Since this post is all about sorting out wrong doings, reasoning with myself in words rather than my head. I thought I’d do this confessional style. So here is what I’m admitting too, this is why I have to change – in more ways than one eventually, let’s just start with body image. I accept it was all my fault. Hallelujah! There I said it. I’m here moaning about the state of my body but I’m the only one to blame.


Admission number 1: the 4 stone weight gain was totally my fault, in hindsight McDonald’s for tea after work a couple times a month (ok every week and a kfc) was a bit of a stupid decision!

Admission number 2: exercises whilst pregnant! Hahaha! I just about managed to roll out of bed and get my shoes on! I did walk alot, probably would have been better walking without devouring the 4 pack of magnums that became a regular in my handbag. What wasn’t my fault was the SPD and the back spasms, that was the monster hippo!

Admission number 3: I dressed horrendously! I wore thick long cardigans throughout the end stages, hiding the arms, the butt, the muffin tops (yeah there was more than one!). I’d buy tops from primarni – official trade name – in a size 20 just to ensure maximum coverage, bye bye size 10, nice knowing yoy!

“You know you’ll loose a couple stone straight away”
“Breast feeding burns loads of calories!”
“You’re glowing!”

Admission number 4: I had a 10lb 2oz baby, so yeah I dropped a stone and a half pretty quickly and rather unglamorously. Still ate a whole sharing pack of sausage rolls watching him sleep wrapped in towels as there were no clothes to fit him his first night. Told you he was a hippo!

Admission number 5: I could barely walk for 10 weeks after, no not because I was stitched up down there like a scarecrow! 10 weeks scoffing food on the sofa! Why do people bring cake to visit a new mum? The other half doesn’t cook so convenience was key. Yes I totally agree with you, he’s a feeder, but I physically put food to mouth! Dammit!

Admission number 6: 4 months in, hello depression. The rest is a fog, probably lots of eating chocolate and casserole dishes full of pasta, full loaves of bread etc etc. How I wished I was someone who didn’t eat when stressed! But now that leads to…

Admission number 7: I feel guilty. I did not even attempt to manage a sit up or a reverse crunch, so what did I expect?! Seriously skewed mind thinking I could burn 4000 calories watching tv?

Admission number 8: I’ve decided to do something about it. All by myself. Eventually bye bye fat (I can’t class it as baby weight 2 years later!), laters lard. I’m getting my body back.

So here I am sat on the sofa in my dressing gown and slippers after a McDonald’s for lunch. Guess what, I’ve also completed an insanity workout (yes the title is completely self explanatory) and run 4 miles today too – go me! I’ve still got the best part of 2 stone to loose, I can’t blame the size of my boobs any more. Take me to fat fighters, one way ticket to Australia please. 😉

01/06/16 – 5lb down. Waaaahhhoooo! Celebrating with a chocolate brownie!

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44 thoughts on “I am the reason why I’m wobbly.

  1. I know what you mean, I’m like ‘gosh why is my tummy so big?’ while eating half a pack of biscuits and drinking a beer!! I did lose some weight post-birth but seem to have put half of it back on with the amount of food I eat, whoops. My friend is talking about starting a dance class where you take the baby in a sling/carrier (like Sling Swing etc) so maybe I will actually do some exercise if she does that. I do walk a lot but that’s all. Good luck!! #StayClassy

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  2. Waves from over here! I could be a lot slimmer if it wasn’t for cheese, lattes, chocolate and my dislike of exercise. The trick is, I think, working out a plan to incorporate more stealth exercise into my day – taking the stairs instead of the lift – and learning to love vegetables and doing it all in moderation. Life needs some fun and joy in it. I see those Instragram feeds too, but I do not have the time to grind my cauliflower to make flour for the pizza base!

    It sounds like you’ve made a good start though – here’s to more insanity workouts!

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  3. That was me too – I did nothing after daughter 2 for 2 years as well, and then it took another year of really hard graft (5 days a week training) to get back to pre baby weight… my problem was I didn’t want to change what I ate, and certainly did not want to give up wine, so I guess it took a while because I didn’t do those things, but I DID train hard! I still train now but not so hard and not everyday, and I still eat well and drink my beloved wine lol and I’ve managed to maintain it – give or take a few pounds over the winter months. Great Post! Good Luck! You’ll do brilliant, just keep at it! #stayclassy

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  4. Ah this is fab…all those admissions make perfect sense to me. I hope you enjoy the new energy a new routine can bring though…it’s nice to have goals to work towards. Good luck with it and don’t be too hard on yourself! And, sorry, now I get fizzyjazzle IS your blog name…I was being dim!! #stayclassy

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  5. Love this! I have 4 stone to lose and have recently joined Slimming World. Now I just need to think about exercising a bit more as I dread to think just how much wobblier my wobbly bits will get as I lose the weight. I don’t think there’s any chance of me gaining a six pack, but I’m hoping my tummy won’t droop to my knees at least! #BloggerClubUK

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  6. I love this. It’s so refreshing to read about someone who wasn’t back to a size whatever with perfect abs ten minutes after giving birth!
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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  7. Wait, you’re doing Insanity workouts! Holy sh** GO GIRL. I did one of those and it was absolutely ridiculous. I love that you have been so honest about baby weight, it DOESN’T just come off, as you’ve mentioned, I think I’m going to have to do more than the odd run every once in a while. There’s all this flab that’s just stuck there (…writing this while eating Milky Bar Giant Buttons). Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy! p.s. I think it’s okay to have McD’s if you do Insanity! : )

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  8. Brilliant post! I love your honesty and you are absolutely not alone. I type this whilst drinking wine and eating chocolate. I have come to the conclusion that just because I’m awake twice as long as I was pre children, I don’t burn twice as many calories! Doh!
    Well done for doing something pro-active! I really must do the same! 🙂

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  9. Great post. Love the honesty and the humour. Don’t beat yourself up too much though – as you say, people comfort eat in times of stress, and it is hard to feel motivation when you are suffering from depression. Sounds like you’re doing really well with the changes – insanity workouts and 4 mile runs are far more than I bother to do these days! Good luck with it!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #PasstheSauce

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  10. I can relate to this! I was 8 stone and a size 8 when I fell pregnant and I managed to put on over four stone during my preganany. My ‘bump’ got so big, even my stretch marks started to tear and bleed as absolute full capacity was reached at 42 weeks – but not without ruining my stomach muscles for good. I had really bad spd and couldn’t walk towards without my legs popping out of my hips towards the end and then combine that with some bad tearing during labour I couldn’t walk for a good while afterwards either. I’ll never be able to do a sit up again because it will damage my tummy muscles even more and I will forever have a belly pooch because of it (and the stretched skin) . I decided not to diet either as I’m still breastfeeding and getting up in the night (16 months later) and let’s face it, being a mum his hard work! I deserve cake and chocolate. I’d also like another baby next year so not sure there is much point in losing any weight to be honest. I walk with the pushchair everyday and twice a week I look after another toddler so that’s two to push around, I call that exercise! Hope you get to where you want to be, but be gentle on yourself! #fartglitter

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  11. My diet was horrible and I didn’t exercise either when pregnant. Lucky me I made enough breast milk to feed a nursery which balanced out my after birth cake addiction. The only way I lost the last bit was being very well behaved for a few months. That isn’t possible with depression or a tiny baby though. Try not to let a wee slip turn into a full on binge and forgive yourself. Best of luck. Let us know how you get on.


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  12. Hello!! Australian woman on instagram, here…and I think I may actually be your long lost twin. This all sounds like me to a T; oh, except getting off my butt and doing something about it. Do it, sista…and let me know how you go! You had me at Rebel, by the way; a fantastic Aussie. #FartGlitter

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  13. What a refreshing and honest blog. Please don’t be too hard on yourself though, a McDonalds every so often is a nice treat. I went to Burger King the other week and got really carried away with some coupons 😋 Keep up the good work and stay positive. I’m sure you’re a fab mum and your children will love you regardless of what size you are. Xx Gem #DreamTeam

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  14. See admittance is the first step right?! Seriously tho, well done you, you are definitely more dedicated than I am (the thought of insanity makes me head to the cupboard for a bag of oreo’s) Good luck with the new healthy lifestyle, looking forward to hearing you have reached your target x #PuddingLove

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  15. Love this post! Very, very funny but also poignant; you have suffered with depression and therefore ALL should be forgiven for that stage in your life. Also, 10lb 2! That’s the birth weight off my twins combined! So you officially deserve a medal (ouch!) 🙂

    You should feel proud that you’ve made the decision to change.

    I try to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle with the twins by getting out and about with them, walking with the buggy as much as possible. I lost a lot of my baby weight quite quickly but then put a load back on because I ate terribly for the first year! It helps that I want the twins to eat well so I have at least a couple of meals a week that include veggies.

    Sorry for the essay-like reply! Good luck!


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  16. Well done on your work out, that is pretty impressive stuff. I am in the same boat, and still there with the weight gain. I think also being happy in myself has kept me there because there was no pressing need to change. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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  17. I have been on a get healthy kick since the beginning of the year. My last baby was over 4 years ago and on Jan 1, when I stepped on the scale I weighed more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my 1st. 3 babies in 25 months took it’s toll on my body and so did the fact that I just didn’t give a shit what I looked like. Until around the end of last year when I downloaded all our summer photos onto the computer and the few pic that I am in (because I am usually behind the camera) I saw someone that I didn’t even recognize. I felt unhealthy and horrible. So I decided to do something about it. I have gotten a bit off track here and there but have managed to keep 22 pounds off. Just another 20 to go and I will be happy. It’s hard when your body is happy at a certain weight. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and I apologize for the delay in commenting as life has kept me from my blog for a couple weeks. Hope to see you upon the linky return tomorrow!


  18. Oh my goodness I could’ve written this! My chunk was 10lb, and is now 4…so I’m a further lazy 2 years down the line, still carrying the 2 stone I put on whilst pregnant (& I was ENORMOUS, people thought I was having twins). I promised myself I’d exercise more when we got to Australia, but of course I haven’t! I’m constantly torn between ‘life’s for living, I want to lose weight and be healthier’ and ‘life’s for living, I want to have a few glasses of wine and a massive piece of carrot cake’! X #PickNMix

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  19. Well done on the weight loss so far! I find it so hard to resist yummy bad for you food…. the KFC and mcdonalds are on our school run eek but I mostly manage to drive past 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix, hopefully see you there again tomorrow.

    Stevie x

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  20. You did an Insanity workout, that’s amazing, I need one of those….ONCE! It nearly killed me, I have never repeated it. I too need to lose some weight *as I reach for another biscuit* Thanks for linking up with us at #FridayFrolics

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  21. I love an honest post, you go girl – you are obviously making some really positive steps. I don’t believe that flat out dieting works without a few *rewards* along the way. I feel like I’m constantly battling with a 6 pound thing that fluctuates up and down like a yo-yo. i reckon that exercise is the key but gosh – an insanity work out – not sure I could do that….awesome! #fridayfrolics

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  22. I remember this one – still loving it! Are you still doing the insanity workouts? If so, I am raising my slice of cake to you, lounging here on my sofa! Yes, my fitness regime is not going so well!

    Thank you so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

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