Mummy is on a budget.

Rolling into summer – don’t look out your windows yet, need to give it till mid May apparently and it’ll be toasty! (disclaimer not my information!) – for once it seems I have a social calander. weddings and hen do’s and birthday parties! But wait, can I afford to be a social person? *checks bank balance* only if we go for coffee somewhere cheap, reuse all the clothes I’ve not worn for the last 5 years and drink tap water at events. Because it seems you aren’t allowed to have children and a social life, especially with the ever increasing nursery bill, so last week we had panic stations and decided I needed a budget!

You see I fit between the gaps financially, I work part time (Horay!), but all my wages go on nursery fees for the 2 days a week childcare(boo!), the government says we earn decent enough money (Horay!), so we aren’t entitled to any help (boo!). So if I worked full time we’d be crippled by £50+ a days nursery fees, if I gave up work, we still wouldn’t be entitled to any financial help. It seems so backwards to me; after chatting to some friends all over the country it seems I have the most expensive childcare! Don’t move to the south west if you plan a family! So I’m sticking at basically working to pay childcare 2 of the days a week. Leaves me £50 a week budget.

£50 a week is more than enough I hear you say! We shall see, I’m already regretting ‘popping into tesco to get sandwiches’ for 3 people, draining my budget! £3.95 bottle of rosé wine in Aldi = 12.6 bottles a week! 😉

Do you budget? Any advice?


2 thoughts on “Mummy is on a budget.

  1. I am terrible at budgeting! We are a sole income family and have four children so in some respects we are budgeting every day of our lives, but I am terrible at frittering away money that we don’t need to, such as sandwiches like you just say, or buying bottles of drinks if we are out. I try and meal plan which does help but then I can’t resist popping all of the offers into my trolley when really we don’t need any more crisps or biscuits or convenience food!! We are saving for our summer holiday so I do need to knuckle down, will be reading the comments and hoping for tips! Will power being one! #BloggerClubUK

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  2. Budgeting is so hard & stressful too. £50 isn’t much each week & it really is impossible to save out of that, you are doing well to get what you need week to week. I’m a stay at home mum so I know all about having no money & budgeting things. All I can say is that things seem to work out in the end. If you try to save £5 each week to put towards your upcoming events, it might help – it’s a start anyway. Good luck lovely! Thanks so much for joining us at #bloggerclubuk x

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