Can i have a cuddle?

We’ve all been there, grizzly baby in a public place, mummy frantically bobbing baby up and down “shhhh!” whilst uncontrollably muttering every swear word known to man in her head. Is there an etiquette to asking to hold some strangers baby? There’s obviously correct times and places right? Or is this just a massive weird no-no?

There’s that awkward moment when you see a mum in a coffee shop trying to balance a screaming blanket bundle on her jiggling knee, shovelling forkfulls of food into her embarrassed face because she’s not eaten for days. Dare i say it.. surely that would be ok to suggest a quick cuddle?
Prime opportunity at work, baby just been attacked with needles, mummy all flustered that she doesn’t have 3 sets of hands trying to pack away belongings, jiggle baby and leave the building asap! I’m not the one jabbing the baby so that would be ok wouldn’t it? No! People just want to get the hell out!

Am I being overly greedy (I think it’s called being broody!) when I’ve already got my own monster to cuddle? I remember when he used to throw a wobbly and I’d do the jiggle dance. Sometimes reluctantly had him over to someone who suggested they would “have a go” and immediately get the physical withdrawal symptoms. Sweating, hot limbs, unable to stay still subconsciously inching towards him ready to snatch him back! And that was just with family members!

I’m not saying I can stop the crying, I’m definitely not super nanny in disguise! Some days I can barely look after my own. It’s just the draw of a squishy newborn! Oh man! Someone do something, I’m broody!

I’ve only successfully managed to hold someone random persons baby after offering my services – please note I have only offered once, it’s not something I do daily!
Mother and baby swimming lessons in a communal changing room (yeah loads of new mums want to wrestle their new babies in and out of wetsuits, paranoid about dropping them! Changing under towels like PE lessons back in the day!). My monster was strapped into his carseat happily trying to rip the tentacles off captain calamari, out of the corner of my eye a mummy wrapped in a towel trying to keep bottle balanced in baby’s mouth with her foot and reach her bra from the other side with her finger tips. I’d never seen such relief to have baby bottle fed by a stranger!


Is it weird? Helpful? I’m so confused! I’m the kind of person who would open a door for the little old lady for them to stand on my foot and curse at me, not a sweet gummy ‘thank you’ on their way through. Don’t get me started that’s a whole new blog post!

Just have another baby everyone says, only if the immaculate conception is readily available, oh and not being pregnant, sleepless nights, sore nippers. Ok solution found: I need to make new pregnant friends asap!


8 thoughts on “Can i have a cuddle?

  1. Haha, yes it’s a funny one isn’t it?! I like to think if someone offered to hold my little one when I’m in a tricky spot I’d be grateful! But if all was fine and they clearly just wanted to cuddle a stranger’s baby…maybe I’d back away slowly?! Lol!

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  2. Just the other day I saw a mummy in line trying to get her groceries out her cart. That little 2 year old started squirming. SO I started a toddler conversation. When that mummy looked at me and smiled and mouthed a silent Thank You. I thought sister, I have 4 kids six and under. It’s the least I can do! #stayclassy

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  3. It’s such a weird one isn’t it? Your immediate instinct is to help but you just don’t know how it would be received. Looking back, I would have welcomed someone to cuddle my bubba post-jabs and post-swim – those were two of the most stressful situations where I wanted to leave Asap and didn’t have quite enough hands to move faster! Fab post xx #triballove

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  4. I frequently find myself wanting to do this for other mom’s that I see struggling. Also find myself wishing others would do the same for me as my toddler is entering terrible two’s and so hard to juggle in public at times. It’s hard when you are a stranger though.
    I’ll admit I have been annoyed at the supermarket with people who ask if my little one can have a mint or piece of candy because he is a little fussy. But that’s because I can hardly get him to eat real food and don’t want to spoil his appetite.

    I say offer the help, whats the worst that could happen. #TribalLove

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  5. hahah you’re so funny! I completely understand the after swim class drama! So many screaming babies and Mums trying to quickly change their baby and then themselves in less than 5 minutes, it is absolute mania. If you were there to offer help, I would definitely have said YES. I don’t think it’s strange if it’s another Mom offering help, that’s actually extremely nice and I wish more people would do it! (although if it was an old man or something I don’t think I would hand my baby over lol). Thanks for sharing with #StayClassy!

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  6. It’s not weird I think it’s a great idea! God, swimming with a baby/toddler is the worst. Not the actual swimming of course but the after change situation is so stressful. Maybe they should employ baby holding or toddler entertaining staff you can hire in 5 minute slots just so you can get your knickers on and your hair dry lol. Thanks for linking up again – great to see your blog growing! #stayclassy

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  7. haha! I think I would find it slightly odd.. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no lol, it’s just because I think the world is a lot less friendly these days, so whilst I would know deep down it was just a sincere offering of help, I’m sure a little voice would be saying ‘why does she want to help?’ – I think its great though! after all we’re all been there! #stayclassy


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