When life is good – as it sometimes can be!

Wahoo! I said it! LIFE IS GOOD! Ahhhhh! *relaxed Ahhhhh not screaming arrrgh!* I thought I should write a nice happy post this time, before you all think I’m a right moaning Myrtle (probably my first ever Harry Potter reference)! Plus I wanted to see if I can actually write an upbeat post that a few people will actually read, or am I just the cranky kid of blogasphere, stick with what you do best, I’d say that was complaining and sulking like the terror – wonder where he gets it from?

So, don’t picture this, but I’m chilling out in the bath after a 2 thirds fantastic and 1 third shite bank holiday. Feeling all reminiscent as it’s monster child’s 2nd birthday on Wednesday (holy guacamole when did that happen?!) and just generally in a happy mood.

What happened at the weekend I hear you ask? Nothing spectacular. Took the monster and his auntie (who’s in her 30’s going on 3) to burn off some steam at a local national trust – Knightshayse for any local Devon/Somerset y’ocals – picnics and hill rolling, croquet and tractor brumming, ice cream and general lunacy in the sunshine and fresh air. Oh and can’t forget the playing in the gravel and making all the prim and proper guest tut as they walked past – monster would probably say that was the best bit!


A day was spent at home to keep up with the washing, hoovering and standard weekend mum behaviour. A paddling pool, veg patch, park swings and housework!
Then one day my anxiety kicked off. I plummeted like Alice into a tunnel of doom, what a ruined waste of a day. I can’t even tell you what my trigger was this time, a moment of weakness, the bastard just got its wrinkly fingers round my wrist and yanked me into despair. Thankfully this time it was only a very short trip, I had my safety harness (the monster child) on, I was dragged me back to life 5 or 6 hours later – his endless energy snapped me out of it, being the complete life and soul of the party, 14 hours awake and he was still charging around demanding to be chased, doing his new frog impression – a sort of half worm and half flopping fish that goes “rebeeet”. Anyway I said this would be a happy post, so I move on…

…i weighed myself and had lost 5lb! Wahoo! Little bit less wobbly.

With the terrors 2nd birthday just over the hill it seems that life is good, I can cope. I don’t recognise the littler monster in photos from a year ago, one of his photos that I saw today your swear I’d slept with Gollum! It doesn’t seem like he was ever a newborn, and I still feel like I’m babysitting someone else’s child – until I remember he’s mine and there’s nothing he can do about it; yet!

See I can’t do happy posts. Though I did manage to drop a few film references! Maybe I’ll go back to the moaning.

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14 thoughts on “When life is good – as it sometimes can be!

  1. Nothing wrong with happy posts! I skipped slimming world last week and have been eating like a pig all weekend so dread to think what the scales of doom will say when I get home!! #tribe


  2. LOL that was actually quite funny. I love reading happy posts, and apart from the little hiccup, it looks like you had a fun and productive weekend. Keep them coming 🙂 #DreamTeam

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  3. Hahah at least you tried to do a happy post! And actually, the ‘complaining’ was very minimal and it turns out positive anyway, you CAN do it. ; ) Your son’s new frog impression sounds hilarious, would love to see this! haha! Good work with the weight loss, my weight is slowly creeping up for some weird reason (ice cream after dinner!). : ) Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy, love your blog chica!

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