Hayfever sucks!

I hate summer. One thing ruins about 7 months of the year for me, every year guaranteed. Hayfever, pollen is a right bitch. I’ve been a long term sufferer. My sister tells me I’m the reason why summer was ruined for her with endless trips to the beach (poor her!), inland breeze doesn’t carry pollen. Having to have a car with aircon, never allowed to have the windows down! The inhalers I had to carry because my hayfever was so bad it would trigger asthma symptoms. No grass fights, or running through meadows, riding horses, camping – all essentials growing up in the countryside.

I’m do get a bit sarcastic when people tell me they suffer too “oh I get hayfever too, I sniffle and sometimes sneeze!” Oh boo frickin’ hoo! I’d love to have hayfever like that, please swap with me? I’m doing my bit for hayfever awareness (is that even a thing? Can we make it a thing? Start a hayfever research charity?). Here’s what it’s like…

I’ve tried every tablet going, I think the world of doctors have given up on me. Have you tried over the counter tablets, eye drops and nasal spray? I’ve had this for at least 20 years, of course I have you doughnut! I’ve even been referred to make believe departments in the hospital I worked in, that was an amusing conversation with a locum GP – ‘I’m going to refer you to immunology at the local hospital’…’well you can’t it doesn’t exist’…’yes it does, I’ll to the letter now.’ – Along with referral come an apology letter stating the department doesn’t exist. Told you so!

For people that suffer so bad it is impossible. I’ve been sent home from work before, as my eyes are nearly swollen shut and I’m barely functioning. That’s with prescription antihistamines! It’s unrealistic to shower constantly through out the day too get rid of the pollen attached to your skin and hair. Sometimes showering makes your nose so itchy! I’ve taken so many ‘non drowsy’ antihistamines it’s made me too lethargic to do anything at all, there’s only so many eye drops and nasal sprays you can hack till you attempt to plug your nose. As you can tell it’s grumpy.


Then a few years ago I saw a really lovely GP, who actually listened to how it was affecting my life and I guess felt sorry for me. So he decided I had tried everything available, time for the steroid injections “we don’t like to normally use this for hayfever”. My first one was amazing. A week or two later I could drive with the window down! Hallelujah I’m cured!

Every time I book I for my steroid injection the GP I’m seeing wants to go through the list of failed tablets, like it’s gonna change the outcome! 4 years on and now the steroids don’t work – I think I must have the most over reactive immune system ever!

So here I am, sat inside on a sunny day, sweltering with all the windows shut, sunglasses on, hair tied back, sprays, drops and tissues next to me. Dosed up on antihistamines despite the steroid injection 2 months ago. Feeling shitty and grumpy and Bleugh.

Itchy eyes:
Shitting hell. My eyes are burning and I need a straight jacket to stop itching them, I keep flushing them out with drops or water. They are red and swollen and I have blurry vision. The lining of my eyeballs have blistered. Not sure if the glasses are to save me or save the people around me from the horrendous sight that is my face! Links in with irritability, itchy eyes, hayfever fog and general itching.

Sniffling/runny nose:
I have a tissue burned nose. If I don’t have a tissue within reach my nose drips like a tap in full flow. Links in with irritability.

Hayfever fog:
Not quite sure what you are doing, what you came into the room for. Feeling half asleep and like the only thing you can manage is to sit in one position: reclined on the sofa, gormless expression on your face aimed at the tv but not actually hearing or understanding what’s going on…probably like a newborn in front of cbeebies. Huh? What? Who am I?

Don’t even talk to me! Think of PMT but without the desire to stuff face with anything described as chocolate. My clothes are annoying me, my face is annoying me, the person who just walked past my window is annoying me. Fuck you pollen! Argh! Rage!

Also see hayfever fog.
Feeling like you need a caffeine drip, but you know it won’t lift the sleepy blanket over you. Your eyes need matchsticks but you actually slept last night so it makes no sense. You feel weak and useless – a bit like the flu symptom but you feel like you could snap out of it, but you just can’t shake it off – everything is an effort. Links in with irritability.

Slight deafness:
Cotton wool in your ears? Nope. Just feels like even your inner ear is swollen due to the bastarding pollen. Links in with hayfever fog.

General itching:
My face is itchy, I’m sporting a Croydon facelift with multiple hair grips holding back andl stray hairs that might tickle my face. Itchy legs, arms, back, hands, neck, stomach, back if the throat, nostrils, tounge so on and so forth. Links in with irritability.

I’ve had to stop running, feels like your breathing in air that’s as thick as soup. It’s bad enough trying to keep up with the monster child who’s discovered speed on his birthday scoo-pop (scooter!).

Neglecting the cat:
Sod of you pollen carrying fluff monster! No you are not coming anywhere near me! In fact you are now an outside cat – you made your choice!

Thanks for reading my moan. I hate hayfever. I need to move abroad by the sea, wonder if I can get that on prescription for £8.20?


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19 thoughts on “Hayfever sucks!

  1. Oh no- that sounds awful! I get hay fever but only if the pollen count is through the roof and I’m walking through fields or something. If I were you I’d consider moving. I’ve never been affected in Thailand- I think they don’t have the plants that bother me. Wishing you low pollen counts this summer x


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  2. I feel your pain! Although not quite as bad by the sounds of it, you get it REALLY bad. It’s bad enough though, day, night, raining, sunny, no matter where I am I’m constantly sneezing which is embarrassing enough in itself after the fifteenth sneeze but then I’m left with a dripping nose and streaming eyes. There’s no such thing as a professional-looking hayfever victim! And the fog… the struggle is so real!! Struggling that bit more right now as I’m pregnant so am very limited to what I can take. I hope you find a miracle cure soon, otherwise maybe a move abroad to a desert is your only hope?!! #FartGlitter

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  3. I didn’t realise that hayfever could be so bad. You poor thing. I am going to think twice about telling Mr Button off for moaning about his hayfever in future. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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  4. This sounds awful I’m sorry! I get this but in a much less severe form. And I know what you mean about the medicine always makes too sleepy to do anything. I hope you are able to find something that helps again like the steroids. #TribalLove

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  5. Ohh no! I feel so bad for you! Luckily, I have actually only suffered from hayfever and it’s worse for me on a rainy day (who knows why..different pollen or..whatever)! I can’t imagine not being able to at least have the windows open! I hope they find something that works for you!

    Lucy xx


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  6. Woah this is a whole new level to hay fever for me! Deafness and ignoring the cat!! Damn girl I wish I could create some magical juice for you that would cure all your symptoms. You know what, I can’t go outside in the sun either because I have to work, so nobody is reallllyyy enjoying it anyway! I’m sorry that your eyes were almost closed shut, I can only relate to this when I had poison oak (which I’m allergic to apparently) and my eyes actually did close shut and my whole face puffed up and my Mom brought me to the hospital. Anyway, I feel so bad, can I send you an air conditioning machine? Oh what about those air filter machines??? Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!


    1. Horrendous! The eye blisters are the worst. Oh man, I’m so attractive!
      Definitely, the car is my safety place, air con and regularly replaced pollen filters! You know it’s bad when your 2 year old is taking the piss out of you walking around with tissues blocking your nostrils! Thanks for reading!


  7. I actually had no idea that hay fever could have such adverse effects on a person’s life. It’s actually crazy. I really, really hope that they can come up with something soon to help. It sounds horrific! x


  8. Oh honey that sounds bloody awful, I am one of those that has it mildly..but even that feels shit, eyes made out of grit and so swollen in the morning you scare your kids…and needing to nap all through the day I’m frigging exhausted and have a delightful throbbing in the front of my face…hats off to you for managing the actual nasty level stuff…I think I would consider emigrating to Iceland! Want me to fireblast all the flowers etc in a 2 mile radius of your house!? #fortheloveofBLOG

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  9. Oh I’m with you here – it’s awful! I also try every tablet I can get my hands on but I always seem to be sneezing and rubbing my eyes. Hope yours gets a bit better for the summer x #triballove #stayclassy

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  10. That sounds horrendous – like a prison sentence! It affects so many parts of you and it’s also so visible…a nightmare every year. I got it quite badly one year during A levels – stress I guess, but thank god it’s never come back the same since. All I can say is that I really, genuinely feel for you, but that, like everything else, doesn’t help. Good to link up though with #fortheloveofBLOG Alison x

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