‘Snap Cackle & Pop’ Book Review

Hooray for my first ever book review! Where best to start than a Chick Lit read? Firmly in the middle my comfort zone, like a brand new pair of fluffy slippers. What a fantastic book to start with, read from start to finish in no time at all, just because I could not put it down.

The book is ‘Snap, Cackle & Pop’ by author Carol Kearney. Scroll straight to the bottom to find the purchase link!


Where do you see your life in your 50’s? Tucked up in your old bed room at your parents’ house? Out partying like a born again 17 year old with your bestie? Being driven around by your mother arguing with Sat Nav? Nah neither did Cathy, could you think of anything worse? This is a fantastic story about grabbing life by the horns and jumping back in that saddle – and no, there’s not a cowboy in sight.
Cathy is a spectacular 50 something lady that is full of pizzazz. Definitely the kind of lady you want to be friends with, the writer makes that relationship happen with ease throughout the book. You feel like you are there to give her a hug and tell her to pull her shit together in the bad times, laugh alongside her like a mad woman in the funny times and there to fist bump the air and high five in the successful ones (as well as bitch slap the numpty that walked out on her!).
The tale of Cathy piecing back her life after her marriage breakdown is broken up by the humour of the situation that Cathy finds herself in; pouring your heart out blind drunk to a smash hits poster of Donny Osmond? Her journey to find herself again after living as a ‘kept woman’ is one that will have you laughing till tears run down your cheeks; one minute you are egging Cathy on to keep fuelling the fire thinking she’s going to end up sectioned and next you want to meet her balmy Mother and ever suffering cheeky Father around the table for Christmas dinner, you just know it will be cringe worthy but you’ll love it.

My Thoughts

An excellent bit of light reading for those ladies that love a good giggle, Carol Kearney is definitely giving Sophie Kinsella a run for her money. It’s a real page turner that keeps you on reading to find out what drama is next the whole way through. The book is full of fabulous larger than life characters that have you going through the emotions with them. There are so many difficult life situations touched upon in one story; marriage breakdowns, the effects on the family, being on the dole, family strains, starting a whole new independent life. However the story is written with excellent humour and the pages turn over ever so easily, before you know it you’ll be chapters in and the characters will play on your mind until you are able to pick the book up again. A tremendous storyline with more turns of life events than you can shake a stick at. I can guarantee you’ll be laughing more than anything else from start to finish.

The only slight let up would be the front cover, I know that’s how I normally pick my book. Some better graphics would set it off well!


Unfortunately I have to end this review with some very sad news. Carol passed away suddenly whilst I was reading this book. My thought’s are with her family at this time. Hopefully they find some comfort in knowing this book is an amazing legacy.


To purchase and read this fabulous book yourselves: CLICK HERE

These views are my own.


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