Toilet training…beginners level

I’ve previously mentioned about trying the “casual” approach to potty training. How’s it going I hear you ask? I’M SO CONFUSED! The monster is so confused. Why the hell isn’t this genetically programmed? Please note this is not a post about how to potty train your toddler! There’s no advice given here!


Yesterday we bought pants due to the inappropriate willy placing. The monster was excited by the pack of teenie weenie pants, he wasn’t even that excited by his birthday presents a few weeks ago! So excited the pack was open and he was trying to put them on over his shoes and jeans whilst tightly strapped into his car seat all the way home from the shop “Pants! Mummy! Pants!”.

He learnt to put them on rather quickly, but kept them pulled up so high his little bum cheeks stuck out either side. Getting them off in time was the tricky bit the first day. “Wee wee potty!” Grappling around the waist band trying to pull them down but oh no too late! These pants are like some kinda waterproof wee catchers, there’s no safe way of taking them off without a soaking! When he managed his first wee on the potty, taking his pants down by himself I panicked about what to give him as a reward! Stickers? He has them by the dozens. He’d ask for “a paaand” if I gave him a choice, I swear the cheeky beggar already knows the value of money. The only thing you have in abundance on father’s day is sweets. I’m a bad and very naughty mummy bribing with haribo tangfastics!

The next day he wasn’t so excited by the pants, although he just couldn’t choose what colour to wear, yellow, green,blue, red and grey all tried on! Obviously he wasn’t keen on the yellow pair as he pissed in them pretty quickly “oh wee wee no potty mummy”, “wet, wet, WET!!!”. The rest of the day was a breeze! 5 potty trips and even a wee on the toilet! What super star monster boy! There were the usual potty training arguments. Don’t tip the potty upside-down! No it’s not toy car storage! No you can’t hold it on your bum while you walk around, and no, it will hurt you – it is not a space hopper! I was so proud and a bit naive thinking it would be this easy.

Day 3 and monster requested a nappy on! Bummer.
You should have seen his face when he announced “wee wee” holding his nappy clamped to him bum and pointing at the potty, then smirking as he pee’d. Little terror. If he wants to wear a nappy today at least we will be able to get out of the house! There’s my first attempt at laid back toilet training.

The thing is I don’t have a clue what I’m doing! I’ll drive myself insane having to stay in all day on potty watch. The thing I’m kicking myself about the most is that we have a weekend away this weekend, totally un potty training friendly! So I’m kinda glad he’s decided he wants to wear nappies again, I’m sure the car fanatics of Goodwood don’t want a toddler pissing against their tyres.


Any tips for trying potty training intermediate level? I guess I need a week off work in house lock down?



17 thoughts on “Toilet training…beginners level

  1. No advice to impart, I’m afraid. Mine still isn’t fully aware what the potty is for, and has no interest in using it. I’m going to take my time on this one I think! #tribe

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  2. Eeek! I’m not looking forward to potty training (I think I have a little while yet mind? Right? Right?). I don’t know why, but I have in my head that my mom used to just let us go bottoms free while we were at home before trying to introduce knickers…I think that way they learn to USE to potty before trying to wrangle pants too….but is don’t know if that’s a thing or my mom was just sick of cleaning pants and would rather put newspaper down like trying to train a new puppy!

    Lucy xx

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  3. Sorry no tips but thanks for the window into life for when my little 11 month man gets there! I can’t imagine the excitement over some pants!! #triballove

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  4. I remember being quite housebound for a while and then venturing to a soft play centre and my son weeing all over the soft mats in the toddler ‘compound’ – awful! I feel your pain, we all get there in the end though! #stayclassymama


  5. We are in the midst of a long slow laid back potty training approach and, guess what!? No tips I’m afraid!! I think we’re going for the get comfortable with one idea before moving on to the next. It’s going to take a while here! Good luck #stayclassymama


  6. I let my son run around naked and pee outside if we happened to be outside swimming. Sometimes if they have no security down there they feel the sensation to go and realize there’s nothing to go in. Just a suggestion as I too am no expert. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and be thankful he’s not a girl …they are a lot harder to train. 😉

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