Help me! He’s learnt to shun responsibility!

Life Love and Dirty Dishes

Oh yes, my monster child has gained another essential life long man skill. He would rather endure a punishment than do anything I ask him to do. I can see him sneaking off the the man cave when his future wife/husband (gotta ensure I’m being inclusive!) asks him to take out the rubbish. Where do they learn these things?! (I am not pointing the finger at any male role model the terror mights have – it’s far too close to my birthday and Christmas to be accusing anyone!) 

My question this time is how do you discipline a child that asks to go on the naughty spot? What is going on here?! My terror child asks to go sit in the naughty spot! 

He thinks he’s got it sussed. Our naughty spot is behind the sofa next to the wall, so he’s shut off and there’s nothing to entertain him, but yet he still asks to go there. 

See he thinks it’s the better option 99.9% of the time. Especially when I’ve asked him to tidy away toys…”no, my go naughty spot mummy.”  Eat the rest of your dinner! “No, my go naughty spot mummy.” Bath time! “No, my go naughty spot mummy.” Sometimes I don’t even have to ask him to do something, yet off he goes to the naughty spot! 

The other day at his friends house I asked him to clear up the mess he’d made before we left; he had tipped out the entire content of the play kitchen. He refused, I asked again, he refused, I told him sternly, he refused. I counted 3,2,1…didn’t even flinch. “I go naughty spot mummy.” And off he went to sit in the corner. My friends then commented how he was shirking, thinking I’d tidy up the mess whilst he had a little sit down! Cheeky little shit! After a few more refusals and me determined that he would tidy up he did. Only for the same battle when I asked him to put on his shoes! 

I spend most of my day rolling my eyes and dreaming of downing a bottle of wine for stress relief! 

R is for Hoppit

12 thoughts on “Help me! He’s learnt to shun responsibility!

  1. Is that your photo with the duct tape? Its hilarious! Yes, toddlers’ psychological ploys are extraordinary – he’ll grow up to be a head teacher, captain of industry or politician no doubt (but not like the orange one over there i hope) jo #fridayfrolics

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