Mummy Envy…Nursery 

I’d like to own up to a bit of a situation I have going on here. I have Mummy Envy. 

It takes me a few hours after nursery drop off to stop thinking “oh I wish I was her!”. Normally triggered by the mummy with the full face of make up and swanky car, obviously not wearing work clothes because she’s using her child free time to shop, socialise and be pampered. Where as I’m dumping my child at nursery so I can dart off and spend the next 8 hours earning the money to pay for the terrors care.

Mummy Envy (Mumvy) I guess can be quite significant, probably happens to most mummies (I’m hoping so anyway). This mornings episode of Mumvy happened when leaving nursery some coiffed Mummies breezed through the doors, (nails done, hair did, tan on, face complete) and their little angels in Christmas jumpers, styled hair and designer belongings; laughing and generally enjoying their morning. Picture me, day 3 of dry shampoo’d hair, thought I’d made an effort with my work outfit by picking a skirt (unable to be done up so half undone zip hidden under the jumper!), I’d actually put mascara on! And my terror was in an outfit picked out by daddy – oh yes! Pick a mix outfit! – and remains of his chocolate biscuit breakfast over his face! 

What does it take to be like them? The ‘I got this’ mum group. Please Santa, can I be like them? It’s like that bit from mean girls.

Then reality kicks in (eventually!) and I am slowly able to remind myself that not everything is always rosy on the outside. Does Mumvy affect you? Especially this time of year? 


One thought on “Mummy Envy…Nursery 

  1. I would say mummy envy is everywhere. I got so jealous of a mum in a coffee hop as she was so elegant and looked so damn fresh out of the box like she never had a baby. So skinny and all hair and nails done, wearing nude shoes and a perfect office outfit. I looked at her thinking “I bet you have a nanny and an army of people working for you and a rich husband cause you do fuck all nothing all day!” Truth be told I have no idea what she did or not but I was so so jealous

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