The grandparents effect

Now I think Grandparents are a super valuable member of the family, but sometimes I think they are aging my toddler by about 90 years! I think my monster is definitely showing signs of the Grandparents effect.

The terror is lucky enough to spend a whole day every week running riot in Grandma and Grandads house, causing meyhem in a bigger house with his tag team mischief making buddy Dixie the Doodle. But I swear they swap him for a very small 90 year old man some times. Here are some examples of the Grandparents effect in full swing:

The toddler makes the “huuuh, ahhh, eeee” noise when he stands up. Perfectly timed with a hand on a ledge or his knee, then a mini back bend to stretch out his muscles before getting going. He also braces himself before sitting down, in preparation for a knee click or a grind of arthritis. 

He says “hang on! I’ll put my glasses on!” when I show him anything and pretends to put a pair of specs on his face before inspecting the item I’ve shown him. I nearly wet myself laughing the first time it happened, what a phrase for a 2 year old to come out with! 

Don’t get starting on the Grandad dancing; it’s spectacular! He starts off with a bit of hand tapping on his knee and then progresses to a little bit of foot tapping at the same time. If he doesn’t loose interest we get a bit of head bobbing too, all whilst sat in a chair. He then feigns the exhausted over exerted I need a nap look whilst telling me to “make the music quiet”. Sorry Grumps! 

Goodness knows what he picks up from me, I hate to think 🙈

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