When anxiety and depression (x3) went on holiday.

What’s unusual about three young ladies going abroad for a mini break? Nothing right? That’s what small groups of friends do, leave the country and have fun? Right?

Well, two friends and myself decided to book a little get away before Christmas. We deserved a treat. After all the three of us have had absolutely fucking horrendous last few years, all three of us have been/are on medication for our mental health during the year. That’s not all that uncommon; Mind state that 1 in 4 people in the U.K. suffer with their mental health. 2.6 in 100 people suffer with depression. Big ol’ massive tick over each of our heads. So when 3 mental health victims went on a city break abroad what happened?

Nothing completely crazy.

So how’d it go? Bloody amazingly. You see we are all on the same level, easy going and considerate. Supportive of each other’s needs and moods, making sure we all had a great break. Seems like it was just what the doctor ordered; now the NHS would be really broke having to send us on holiday everytime we felt like shit!

But there’s a lot to say about spending your time with those who have a similar mindset. You can really just be you. Those that can help you the most are those who have walked in your shoes. I even managed a few days medication free. 

We walked, talked, shopped and ate and drank our way around Stuttgart Christmas market. No one knew us, no one knew of our struggles. We got some strange looks because we are absolute tits (I dropped to my knees to take a photo some poor bloke thought I was dying) and did not learn any German before hand. But nothing breaks language barriers like a cup of Glühwein. Ahhh some normality – the acting like a tit not drinking alcohol! 

So three lots of anxiety and depression worked ridiculously well, hopefully aided a bit of recovery for all of us. Onwards and upwards! Here’s an inspirational page in my terror child’s fabulous book The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright 


5 thoughts on “When anxiety and depression (x3) went on holiday.

  1. A lot of churches on this side of the pond sponsor “mothers day out” events….the church provides daycare and the mothers get some personal time…it’s a good thing…kids can be brutal little beasts…

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  2. Ahhh that sounds sooo nice! That’s so great you have friends that you can relate to and have a break with, I’m so jealous. I really need a break (even though I already had a three week Christmas holiday haha, didn’t really feel like a break with the family and the child haha). Thanks for sharing with #stayclassymama!

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