Post graduate toilet training – expert level

Well it’s been a while since I wrote about willies and poo; so just thought I’d provide a bit of a toilet if update. My willy wangling terror child it totally and utterly nappy free day and night, has been for months and months now. 

Toilet humour is the number 1 source of entertainment. A three year old thinks talking about poo and flicking your willy is the bee knees. Learning that the dog has a willy and the cat is also a boy is a total mind blown situation! However when I caught him trying to nipple cripple the pooch I had to explain that nipple cripples are only to give to daddy when he’s least expecting it. I may have also taught him to wedgie. Any nipple cripple/wedgie cringe stories out there? Please share in the comments!

Nursery tell me he’s trying to persuade other kids to embrace the pants too. “Do you need a wee wee? Go to the toilet then. Come on! This way!” Bossy little sod! 

Well I guess the next stage is successfully managing to wipe his own butt! #lifegoals 

R is for Hoppit

3 thoughts on “Post graduate toilet training – expert level

  1. Haha. I have no wedgy tales to share but our youngest seems to think that a seat belt is called a “foof” belt which is what Oldest calls her vagina/lady garden/ etc. It has caused some confusion in the past when Youngest has shouted from the back of the car “I can’t get my foof belt out?!” #FridayFrolics

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